Experiences in pactice

Handwriting and performance

Handwriting samples impressively demonstrate the improvements in performance caused by Neurofeedback. These three children show that training of the slow cortical potentials has not only changed the quality of their handwriting but also the error rate in written exercises.

Example 1: Tim

left: Essay written in April 2006, before Neurofeedback training
right: Essay written in February 2007, with Neurofeedback

Example 2: Nina  

left: Dictation written in October 2006, before Neurofeedback training
right: Dictation written in January 2007, with Neurofeedback

Example 3: Tobias


left: Exercise of September 2006, before Neurofeedback taining
right: Exercise of November 2006, with Neurofeedback

Source: With kind permission of Dr. Edith Schneider, physician and occupational therapist, Stuttgart, Germany